Grocery Store Tours

Grocery shopping can be an overwhelming task for many people. The crowds, options, and lines can be enough for some to skip the store altogether. Obviously it is difficult to eat healthy if you don’t have food in the house. It doesn’t have to be a scary place, but rather a world of nourishment and deliciousness. Together we will navigate the store of your choice, where I will teach you how to make it simple and painless to stock your home or office with all the ingredients you need for healthy snacks and meals.

You will create a list of your “go to” items - things you eat regularly and want to always have on hand. You will have a separate list of other staples that you don’t go through as quickly, but are easily stored for future need. By the end of the journey you will feel comfortable and confident when going to the grocery store, knowing you have the ability to make healthy choices and decisions. This activity is a nice compliment to Purge Your Pantry.

Schedule Your Grocery Store Tour:

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